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Versa-Step’s features will save you time and money, and remove the hassles associated with site erection of modular access.


  • 2 in 1

    Versa-Step’s OneStair system enables the stairway to be configured as either a 2-step or 3-step model for OSHA compliant models and 3-step or 4-step model for both CAL-OSHA and MASS. compliant models.

  • Max Adjust

    Versa-Step’s PerfAdjust legs offer maximum adjustability, making it easier to position the platform flush with the threshold of the building door. Additionally, the stair stringer adjustability provides the ability to level the stringer on uneven surfaces.


  • Versa-Step’s functionality makes it very quick and simple to set up, position flush against the door threshold and attach to the trailer.
  • Versa-Step’s unique modular leg and foot pad design ensures preservation of each PerfAdjust leg for future field applications even when disassembly occurs in the most difficult ground surface conditions.
OneStair StairwayUnlike most modular stair systems, Versa-Step’s OneStair can be configured with the platform as either a 2 or 3 step stairway or 3 or 4 step stairway depending on the modelPurchase one model instead of two; Eliminates extra trips to site; Reduces inventory of step and parts; Reduces overall expenses
PerfAdjust LegsThe unique perforated individual adjustable legs provide 9” of total adjustability in 1/4” incrementsEasily positions platform to threshold of door; No need to shimmy legs; Increases safety of step
Plastic Foot PadHigh density polyethylene plastic material design securely fits onto legsinates need to replace entire leg if damaged or requires breaking to remove from the ground Reduces replacement parts costsEliminates need to replace entire leg if damaged or requires breaking to remove from the ground; Reduces replacement parts costs
Offset RailThe back guard rail is designed to be offset so that it does not make contact with the building when the step is positioned against the buildingEliminates damages caused by rail making contact with siding panel of building; Saves time required to repair siding panel; Eliminates costs associated with repairs


Model NumberDescription
TAVSO23-AS2 & 3 Step OSHA Compliant Model
TAVSM34-AS3 & 4 Step MASS. Compliant Model
TAVSC34-AS3 & 4 Step CAL-OSHA Compliant Model
SpecificationTAVSO23-ASTAVSM34-AS & TAVSC34-AS
Width (inches)43.543.5
Depth (inches)6060
Rise (inches)8.57
Tread Depth (inches)1212
Tread Width (inches)3636
Standard Elevations (inches)25.5 & 3428 & 35
ConstructionFlo-Coat® Galvanized SteelFlo-Coat® Galvanized Steel
Adjustability Range (inches)99
Adjustability Increments (inches).25.25
Foot Pads ConstructionPolyethylene PlasticPolyethylene Plastic
ConstructionFlo-Coat® Galvanized SteelFlo-Coat® Galvanized Steel
Height with Mid-Rail (inches)4242
ConstructionFlo-Coat® Galvanized SteelFlo-Coat® Galvanized Steel
Height with Mid-Rail (inches)3636
Horizontal Extension (inches)N/A12
Vertical Extension (inches)N/A24